YourPDi - at a glance

YourPDi - at a glance

YourPDi, Your Personal Digitalisation, is the app where you easily, quickly and securely organize and store important information and valuable documents. The app gets you in control of everything from receipts of your valuable belongings, documents from the renovation, log-in details, the family's vaccination records to the colors of the walls in your home. With YourPDi you can easily upload and scan information, images and documents and sort to any of the main categories; ME, THINGS, FAMILY, HOME and PROJECTS and then also sort to any of the many subcategories. You can tag "owners" and even share documents with family members. As a user, you can also receive reminders when, for example, a contract is to be renewed or a vaccination syringe is filled. Everything is stored in one place and safely protected in the cloud. Everything is searchable and you can quickly find what you need when you need it the most. You can try YourPDi unconditionally, Mini Free, and if you want additional features you can choose one of the two different subscription plans, Me and Family Share. More information about prices and subscriptions can be found under "Account & Subscription".

Account & Subscription

How do I upgrade my account?

Go to "settings" and "upgrade account". If you want to access functions only available in YourPDis premium accounts you will have to upgrade to ME och FAMILY SHARE. Choose the account that best suits your needs. You only have to pay for the difference when you upgrade.

Create an account?

1. Download YourPDi app for iOS (App Store) and for Android (Google Play). 2. After installing the app, select "open". 3. Select "Create Free Account" and enter your email and choose a password (8 characters including a capital letter and a number or character). 4. Open your email and confirm your account by clicking on the link in the email. 5. Return to the YourPDi app and select "Log In" and fill in the log-in information that you previously created. 6. As a final step, you have the option to choose the security level. Either advanced or standard. If you choose the advanced solution, you must select two questions and enter your own answers. Never forget the answers - if you do so you will NEVER access the data you have saved.

What account type should I choose?

FREE VERSION: Mini Free: Perfect if you want to test and get to know the app. Mini Free is our free account and has some restrictions. You do not have access to the categories Family or Project and can save up to 20 documents. PREMIUM VERSIONS Me: For you with a lot of valuable information to store. Family and Project folders are added. Storage; Up to 10 GB. Categories; Me, Things, Home, Family and Projects. The regular price for the subscription is EUR 2.7 / month - but we often offer discounted introduction prices. You can also get a lower price if you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription. Family Share: For you with loads of content. You can share with 4 additional family members. Storage; Share up to 20 GB. Categories; Me, Things, Family, Home and Projects. The regular price for the subscription is EUR 3.7 / month - but we often offer discounted introduction prices. You can also get a lower price if you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription. (Me Mini - account has in some way been replaced by Mini Free. But Me Mini still exist for you that is a paying subrcriber.)

Can I downgrad my account?

Yes, you can downgrade from: Family Share to Me: Go to Settings> Upgrade account> Select ME. The lower subscription fee will start to apply from the date the previous subscription expired. The lower subscription fee will start to apply from the date the previous subscription expired. Family Share/Me/Mini Me to Mini Free: Go to Settings> Upgrade account> Select Mini Free. The NO FEE will start to apply from the date the previous subscription expired. BE aware that you will not anylonger be able to use the categories Family and Projects. The Data you have uploaded in these categories will be found/searched for in "recently saved". NOTE that if your on a Family Share subcription and downgrading to Mini Free the docs uploaded by other family members will dissapear. The ones you uploaded will be found in "recently saved".

How do I deactivate and permanently delete my account?

Before your account is deleted, it will be frozen for three months. During this period, you can start subscribing to YourPDi again at any time and access your saved data. After three months of deactivation, your account and its data will be permanently deleted. Go to settings in the app and select “Deactivate Account”. Follow the instructions and press send. Don't forget to also cancel the payment seperatly. This is how you do it: If you have an iPhone / iOS, you can cancel your subscription up to 24 hours before it is automatically renewed. Go to your Apple account and deselect automatic renewal. You have access to your account until the last subscription day. When you deactive your account wen we freeze your account for another 3 months before being permanently deleted. If you have Android, you can always cancel your subscription up to 24 hours before the next period starts. If you have a Google Play subscription go to your Play account and select unsubscribe. If you have paid your account via your credit card you only need to delete the account by following the instructions in the app and there will be no future payments. You have access to your account until the last subscription day. Then we freeze your account for another 3 months before being permanently deleted.

What do I have to pay for YourPDi?

YourPDi offer one plan for free - Mini Free. On top of that there are two different subscription plans: Me and Family Share. You get to try the premiumplans one month for free, thereafter you need to make a choise if you want to subscribe or stay on Mini Free. Go to settings and "upgrade account" to see which subscription plan suits you best. Often we offer different introduction offers, starting from about 0.5 EUR/month. The cost in year two may vary depending on subscription. YourPDi is not a free app because security costs.

I have forgot my password - help!

Click on "forgot password" on the login page and a temporary password will be sent to you via email.

Problem to log-in?

First try step 1, and if it doesn't work go to no 2. Of course you are always welcome to contact us at for help. 1. Try disconnecting your mobile wi-fi and browsing on your 4G / 3G network. 2. Uninstall YourPDi and go to the App Store / Google Play to install the latest version. We fix bugs continuously and your problem may be solved in the most recent version. If you are a paying customer and you receive a payment question - accept it. You can be calm - you will never pay for the app twice. 3. Contact us at

Do I have to pay for YourPDi?

No you don not! We offer both a free version of the app (Mini Free) as well as premium plans (Me and Family Share). The revenue from the premium plans keeps us in business. YourPDi is like the drawer box where everything is collected, sorted and safe, when needed. You should be able to find your documents as easily tomorrow as 10-15 years.

How can I undo the purchase of YourPDi?

iPhone: Since you paid money through the App Store, you have to contact them to get the money back. Apple always has a 14-day right of withdrawal. Do this: 1. Find the email "your purchases from Apple" (eg search for it in your mailbox). 2. At the bottom of the email you will find "report a problem / contact us" click on the link and follow the instructions (log in with your Apple ID username and password). 3. Select the "I want to request a refund" issue. 4. Enter the reason for the desired refund and send. 5. Apple will contact you for a refund Android: Send an email to and explain why you want the money back.

Functions & Usage

Do I always have to write a "Title"?

All documents need a unique name in order to be stored in the database and therefore you always have to type something in the "title" line. All data that you fill in the fields will be searchable, which makes it easy to find the information you are looking for. For example, you can name a document "Clock, Swatch" and the next time you search for "clock" or "Swatch", the document you saved will be displayed.

How do I set reminders?

When uploading a document, you can choose when to set a reminder. You choose a date ahead in time. For example, it may be when an agreement expires, a vaccination must be filled, etc.

How do I enter who a document/info belongs to?

Go to settings and "add & invite person". Here you can enter up to 9 people's names. Next time, for example, you submit a receipt, a vaccination - go to “owner” in the template and select the name of the family member to whom you want to attach the receipt or vaccination. NOTE: just because you have added who "owns" a document this doesn't mean that you share the document with this person. To be able to share, you need to have a "Family Share" account.

How do I add a new document / information?

1. Press + 2. Scan a new document or select an image from the image library or "Skip Scan" to only insert text. 3. Enter a title. 4. Choose one of the main categories: Me, Things, House, Family and Project. You can also choose to save to Inbox if you want to sort by category later. 5. Select subcategories. 6. Fill in additional fields if needed. 5. Save. Do you still need help how to upload from other apps (eg mail / pdf), see the answer in the next feild.

How do I post a picture / pdf from which I received in, for example, an email?

1. Go to your mail and open the document / attachment and click on the share / upload icon (box with arrow located at the bottom of the mobile menu bar). 2. A list of different app icons is displayed, select YourPDis. 3. If YourPDi icon does not appear, click the three points at the end of the list to scroll down until you see YourPDi icon and select it. 4. A note pops up - select "Post". 5. Your document has automatically ended up in the Inbox. From here you can sort to the right category and save.

Can I add or remove comments to an already uploaded document?

If you have already uploaded a file, select the file click "edit". Then you can, for example, enter comments, post more pictures etc. Everything you write is searchable.

Can I create my own categories?

You can only post and create your own categories under "Projects". You can also select “Other” at the bottom of each sub-category, and upload documents that you believe belong to the category.

Can I export / print my documents?

Open the image or document you want to export and select the share icon (box with arrow in) in the upper right corner. Choose which application (mail/text message/printer etc) you want to share the document with. If you want to share documents between family members, go to Family Share to learn more.

What information is searchable and how do I search?

Click the search icon (the magnifying glass), and enter the word you are looking for. All information that you have entered about a document / image such as title, name, owner, free text, date etc is searchable. However, the information in the uploaded image / document is not searchable.

Can I use the app when I'm offline?

You cannot use the app or access the data you have saved if you are not connected. All your information is stored in a secure place in the cloud.

How do I delete an upload?

Open up the window where you see the uploads listed. Drag the row (of the upload you want to delete) to the left and the trash basket appears. Click it! Deleted.

Family Share

How do I add a new family member to my current Family Share account?

If you have created a family account, you are the administrator. You can then add and remove members. A total of five people can be connected to a Family Share account. If you want to add a person, go to settings and select Admin Family Share. Enter the email address and name of the person you want to add and tick in th "share" box. The person will shortly receive an email with instructions on how to create an account. It is important that the new user's email address is the same as the one you registered.

What do I do after receiving an invitation to join a Family Share account?

Open the email with the invitation and read the instructions (the instructions in the email are the same as follows here). 1. Download the YourPDi app from the App Store or Google Play. 2. Select "Create Account". 3. Enter the same email address as the one you received the invitation email to. It is very important that you use the exact same email address. 4. Choose your own password and fill in other fields to complete your registration. 5. Go to your email and open a verification email sent to you. Click on the link to verify your account. 6. Go back to the app and select "Login". Enter your e-mail and password (or you can use Touch-ID / Fingerprint / Face ID) and you are NOW part of a Family Share account. 7. You need to choose standard or advanced encryption solution before you can start using the app.

Can I share all categories?

Yes, you can share all categories with the people who belong to your Family Share group. You choose who you want to share the document with and which rights; eg view or edit.

What does Family Share cost and does everyone pay for their accounts?

Only the person who created the account (the administrator) pays the subscription fee. A subscription includes a total of 5 users. Right now, we offer an annual subscription costs of only SEK 12 for the first year. Go to settings in the app and choose upgrade.

How much space does each user get?

In total, Family Share users have 20 GB to share. Go to "settings" select "space" to see how much is consumed.

Can kids use the app - share and review documents?

We recommend the app from 12 years and that an adult is participating when creating the account due to the security solution.

I already have Family Share and do not need to "share" the feature

We recommend that you downgrade to an ME subscription, as it costs less. You still have access to all categories. Go to Settings> Upgrade account> Select ME.

I already have a Family Share account but want to join another Family Share account?

Ask the administrator of the Family Share account you want to join, to go to Settings> Admin Family Share. Enter your e-mail address and name. It is important that it is the same email address as the one in your current account. Thereafter you can log in with your current email address and password (any encryption questions and answers if you have advanced security). Don't forget to cancel your payment for your existing subscription by going to the App Store or Google Play and following the instructions. In the future, it is the administrator who will pay for your subscription.

Can I leave a Family Share group and create my own account - and what happens to my information?

Yes, you can exit a group by going to Administrator> Settings> Family Share Admin> select the "tab x symbol" next to the person to be deleted. The next time you log into the app (note that you use the exact same email and password as before,) you will be asked what type of subscription you want to subscribe to. Choose the type that suits you best. All data and documents that you have created yourself will remain in your new account, but you will not be able to see the data / documents created / shared with you by / from a former group member.


How safe is YourPDi?

We prioritize security. YourPDi encrypts all information that you send between your mobile and the storage location in the cloud. The information you choose to save in YourPDi is solely yours and no one but you can see what you uploaded. You control which documents you may choose to share with family members. YourPDi also use an advanced system that detects spam and viruses before they do any harm. So stay calm - your information is protected!

What are the different levels of security?

By default, YourPDi uses a strong encryption key (128 bit) that encrypts all documents and information stored and sent, between your mobile and the cloud service. You can also choose a higher security standard (advanced) with a longer encryption key (265 bit). You create these crypto keys with two personal questions and answers. It is important that you do not forget the answers - because then you can not access your data again. You do not need to answer the questions every time you log in, but only if new software updates or changes are made.

Platforms & Fileformat

What platforms does YourPDi support?

You can access your information from all iPhone / iPad devices (iOS 9 and later) as well as Android devices. Right now you cannot access your information via web interface.

What file formats does the app support?

All images that you have somehow saved in your mobile image gallery (PNG / JPG) can be uploaded to YourPDi. PDFs attached to an email can also be uploaded. If you encounter difficulties uploading any file format, do a screenshot and then you can upload the screenshot in YourPDi. Our current version of the app does not support doc or xls formats.

Mini Free

What is MiniFree?

Pefect for you that want to get familiar with the app YourPDi and try i out. MiniFree is a free account with some restrictions. You as a user do not have access to the Family or Project categories. You can save up to 20 documents.

Can I change may Me Mini account to Mini Free?

Yes, the difference is that you get less space in the cloud service, MeMini has 1 GB compared to Mini Free 20 documents. Read "Change Subscription" how to do it.

Can I change my Me account to Mini Free?

Yes, but you will not be able to save new documents in the Family or Projects category. You will be able to search saved documents in "Last saved". Me has 10 G of space in the cloud and Mini Free 20 documents. Read "Change Subscription" how to do it.

Can i change from Family Share to Mini Free?

Yes, but you will not be able to save new documents in the Family or Projects category. You cannot share documents or invite the family (4 free account). Only your own saved documents can be searched in "Last saved". Family Share has 20 G space in the Cloud and Mini Free 20 documents. Read "Change Subscription" how to do it.

I have had a free trial accont how can I now sign up for an Mini Free account?

You should not create a new account. Log in with the same email and password you had when testing the app. If you have forgotten your password, you can request that you create a new one.

I have created an Mini Free account and want to run a 30 days free trial to test the Family Share features, how does that work?

You can choose to test Family Share for 30 days at no cost. When the trial period is over, you will be given the choice to continue with a paid subscription or return to Mini Free. No subscription fee will be charged without your permission

For how long will  my documents be stored?

If your account has been inactive for 12 months, your documents will be deleted. A reminder will be sent before any deletion.

What will happen if I exceed the 20 documents limit?

Once you reach the Mini Free limit, you will be given the choice to upgrade to one of the plans that offer storage capacity.

How do I downgrade from a premium plan to a Mini Free account? (iOS)

If you have a subscription, you must cancel it via AppStore 24 hours before it is renewed. You can then log into YourPDi with your existing account. You will be informed that you do not have an active account and may choose to use the MiniFree version.

How do I downgrade from a premium plan to a MiniFree account (Android)

Do you have a paying subscription of YourPDi and want to change to MiniFree. Go to Settings - Upgrade account - Select MINI FREE. Your subscription has ended automatically.