About cookies

YourPdi uses so-called cookies and other similar techniques to see how our service is used and to customize the user experience.
Cookies consist of small text files and are a very common tool on the internet. The cookie files are read and stored by the browser in the equipment used to visit the site.

YourPdi believes that, by not blocking cookies in your browser, you have consented to the cookies that YourPdi uses on their websites.

By setting up in your browser, you can prevent cookies from being stored on your computer when you visit our websites, and you can also delete cookies that already exist.

List of cookies:

  • qTranslateX –  Displays the site in the selected language.

  • Google Analytics – Used to generate traffic and traffic statistics on websites and to measure conversions and sales.

  • Facebook Pixel – Used to improve our advertising on Facebook and measure the conversion.